Innovative Products for the Construction Industry

Company Overview

Birk Industries, LLC was the result of two general contractors with an idea that there had to be a better way to protect the inside of can light fixtures during construction. We have spent twenty years cutting out cardboard patterns, stuffing newspaper, masking hundreds of can light fixtures, and spending countless hours protecting the inside of recessed can lights. Birk Industries, LLC has developed a new product that literally takes only seconds to install, is easily removed, and reusable. This new product is called CanCap™.

This product couldn’t of come at a better time, with many building officials now requiring contractors to rip out oversprayed/contaminated can light fixtures and replace them with new ones. Thus, emphasizing the importance to keep recessed can light fixtures clean and free of debris. Additionally, recessed can light fixtures that contain overspray no longer meet the requirements for the UL Mark per the UL guidelines. Using CanCap™ covers when installed correctly, will protect the inside of recessed can light fixtures from overspray. Contractors and professionals that use CanCap™ covers will avoid the unnecessary costs and time replacing recessed can light fixtures that have been oversprayed with texture and paint.

Birk Industries, LLC has designed CanCap™ for the professionals in the field that need a no-hassle product for a time-saving solution.