Innovative Products for the Construction Industry


Birk Industries, LLC is proud to introduce a new product for the construction industry. CanCap™ is a reusable protective cover designed to seal recessed can lighting during construction. Using CanCap™ covers has been proven to increase productivity while taking only seconds to install. CanCap™ covers are designed to protect the interior of can light fixtures by creating a tight seal that works with most light manufacturers, thus protecting the interior from overspray anytime texturing and painting takes place. This patented product creates a much tighter seal than conventional masking tape, cardboard, or paper.

Using CanCap™ covers will greatly reduce the risk of house fires caused by improperly masked can light fixtures. Made in the USA from recycled material, CanCap™ reusable covers are environmentally friendly helping to reduce waste in landfills. Increase productivity and profits while decreasing time spent cleaning or worse, replacing contaminated light fixtures.

Birk Industries is proud to have this product manufactured in the U.S.A.